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KEI life is kind of complicated.
He don’t under stand the word of meaning of love.
His life started to go a bad way after he stabbed his schoolteacher when he was in middle school.
After since he joined a young gang called “BOUSOUZOKU”. Then it escalated to the Japanese Gang “YAKUZA”.
After he became a Yakuza everything went very smoothly until his Lil Homie sold him out to FBI at Hawaii. And had to serve a 10 year sentence in prison.
There were many different societies within the prison. And he was the only Japanese prisoner inside the prison.
He was the only Japanese person within those prison walls, which meant death, until he met the Big Homie (Chicano gang Boss) inside the prison.
After on he joined in to the family and the family accepts him as a Homie.
He starts to learn a lot respect, Love and how they operated from the Chicano. They were very different from what he was use to in his YAKUZA family
During the ten-year sentence he realized that love existed. After he finished his sentence and got sent back to japan he got in contact with his mother and sealed the broken bond between them.
He then began to bring the Chicano culture to Japan with his new clothing Company “HOMIE BRAND” through the HIP HOP community and Low Rider events.
He is now teaching to the young people about the experience what he got learned from Chicano.

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